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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bahai Beach 14

Bahai Beach 14

Security training

The good thing about vistitors from abroad is that they bring a lot of knowledge, experience and sometimes good food. The down side is all feel that on top of the normal work program there are endless session in the day and at night. Sorry for those of you who felt I was inaccessible. In this case security advisors came, instructing our drivers on safe driving, awareness, convoy driving etc. etc. For ex and inpats there were many exercises on the context of the situation we are living in and the mental state that is security. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not only personal but also for the group. I guess the best illustration is the fact that we are currently in phase orange. This means dangerous times. At all time an evacuation may be imminent so at all times documents and a carry pack of 15 kilo need be on you near you. During the exercise it became clear that only 1 of us was carrying his hanset, two a sat phone (one switched off, the other flat battery etc.etc.) A lot can be improved any way. It was a good reality check.
Today in Oure Casssoni again a young man presented with a bullet wound in his leg. For me I do not ask about the reason why (as there is military around) just make sure the patient is stable and move him to the hospital. Another sad story is a 10 year old girl with a heart condition, valvular disease by rheumatic fever. That in it self happens, but the parents kept her home for two years. By now she does not eat, too tired, does not play and is tired all day. We hope to put her on prophylactic treatment, buff up her red blood cells and nutritional status and educate the parents.
My holiday is rapidly approaching. My head by now is filling up with the plans I have for the next 6 months. Always baring in mind that the entire context may change. The water may run out in May, rebels may attack the camp, there may be strikes by the refugees as we will reduce our staff numbers. A plethora of potential worries. Yet overall I feel the spirit of the team is picking up. In the meeting of two days ago my assistant managers were taking the piss out of me and that to me is a good feeling. New expatriates arrive, old expatriates leave. Soon I will be the most senior person (time wise in Bahai) It show how fast time flies. One day you are the first and one day you leave. The new team seems to be rock solid with logisticians with 100 years of experience (and look a likes of Marc Anthony), fresh (Dr Ponce a Cuban trained Congo Brazzavillian doctor), Aphons our former refugee from Guinee (what a harrowing stories he has to tell and where is he now, helping other refugees and having 2 of his 5 kids in Australia a country he never visited)
The bird farm is doing well: 6 chickies by now however there is an alert on avain influenza in the country. All potential investors need bare in mind the possible destruction of the poultry.
UNHCR woke up after realizing that in their stock there are 5800 bed nets finally they have started distributing (well tomorrow inchallah) Sancho Pancho and I have to do our spiel through the world of skype. The lucky bastard is based in NDjamena so he can dance pretty much every night leaving me to suffer the tightness of nightly curfews. Some of you have asked me to describe the compound, well I shall put some pictures up on get there through It consists out of chickenshit, sand, two bucket shower a massive diner cum meeting hall. About 14 rooms for expatriates and visitors, a kitchen, a houselet for chickens, about 10 trees looking to grow to mastodonts. Since the attack the walls are being heightened up to 2.50 meters with barbed wire and lights on the exterior. An added advantage may be the availability of internet from 1800 till 0500 in the morning.
Nature wise we cohabitate with zag zag (gerbils), desert lizards, massive spiders, scorpions, kites, sparrows, kingfisher and several other birds, exhausting amounts of insects and other animals. The donkeys are the sweetest of all.

Ladies and Gents,

The convoy is beeping

I need to jump in the car,
This afternoon I shall construct a chicken fence

All be healthy

Until soon,



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