Bahai beach

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bahai Beach 54

Bahai Beach 54

Birthday gorilla on the loose

March 22, 2007

‘O what a beautiful morning, o what a beautiful day
I’ve got this wonderful feelin’, everything’s going my way’

At 00.00 I ripped open a surprise packet from Australia. My o my I was flooded with gifts; books, speculaas, candy, chocolate, lollypops, an Australia rocks t-shirt, crèmes, dreams, candles, incense…

What a delight.

And then this morning in memory of Dance Valley (flower shower from airplanes over a dance festival) our neighbor Omar decided to send a silver bird with some firework in the morning and in the afternoon.

Things got only better over the course of the day. Two healthy baby boys added to Oure Cassoni population. Our second day of supplementary feeding for pregnant and breastfeeding women in the camp was a massive success with more than 130 women showing up. Things are moving and shaking. The construction team is building a veranda for the reproductive health clinic.

At 14.00 we had what I consider to be the best moment of the day. In a fine ceremony 3 of our nurses and five of our midwives were given official Chadian certification for their work. This is a day of immense success. After three years they get go-ahead from the Chadian Ministry of Health to be working as qualified staff in our health structures. While I was praising them in a speech explosions could be felt and heard across the border.

Silver birds with nasty cargo.

Yet fearlessness is the keyword. Our ceremony continued and as one of the leaders remarked on exactly the same day 3 years ago this happened to their home village Kornoi and they had to flee. He praised Zahara our chief midwife and said her title from now on would be ‘Mother’ Zahara. With smiles on their faces our 8 heroes received their certificates after being lauded by Sylvie, Osman and in presence of several Zone leaders, Dr Camilo, one of the founding fathers of the camp was there as well and for the refugee that was very special as well

This was a special and surrealistic moment where fear was overcome with resilience.

We also found another qualified midwife. Things are coming together in the camp.

The sweetest moment was when Okke sang me some birthday songs. This youngster has a bright career ahead of him as a rock star.

Tonight we are eating sheep. I will tear apart some ribs. Chat with friends on skype.

It was been a great birthday.

My one wish has come true today. Better quality of services for the refugees. Things can only get better over the next months and years. Despite the violence vibrancy and positivism rules the waves for a day.


And a gazillion thanks to all the staff for making this place a better place,


Post scriptum

My friend Gogo just walks in to share the sheesha I lit up with in his hand a heart of sweets. Cool gift!

And the chicken just dropped by to sing me a song as well; kuckoolekoo

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Anonymous Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday! That sounds like a glorious day indeed! Heartfelt congratulations to the nurses and midwives.

2:58 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Mine was on the 21st...this month is good luck!

6:42 PM  
Blogger Ashis said...

Aries rocks..

happy birthday vj

thanks marilyn

8:12 PM  

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