Bahai beach

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bahai Beach 16

Bahai Beach 16

Round and about.

History of a camp on the move.
Can not even lift my heels and see what happens. Massive combat near the camp and the decision to move the camp can be made snap. Camels and trucks or by foot or dear refugees need to move again. After being bombed out of their original homes security leads them further away from their homes and into Chad. Given the precarious location perhaps an overdue decision is taken and water related issues (lack thereof), closeness to the war theater may be things of the past. As we are moving south and west there is a very big chance of fruits and vegetables to be available and maybe even milk of zebra’s.
As additional money making activities I am thinking of opening a well equipped camp site for expatriate staffs; Jacuzzis, sauna, discotheque etcetera. Bound to make a smashing amount of CFA’s.
As I talk over skype with my colleagues the intensity of the fighting and the casualities are coming through. On one day 104 soldiers with gunshot wounds were admitted. Three died only as to the valiant efforts of those working 24 hours a day to give these young men a chance. And then you read about Darfur. The fighting is picking of the Government of Sudan has suffered two big defeats, making their blood boil and unleashing again the demonized but also demonic Janjaweed (in this war none of the parties have clean hands) It is being said that when a military attack takes place often the vehicles are of NGO origin and a fleet of UNHCR, MSF, IRC, CARE vehicles mounted by a plenty soldiers and heavy machineguns attack other fleets of vehicles. Bombing from old Russian planes is taking place again. Ramadan is not even over. A time to reflect and to enjoy the brother/sisterhood of man.
Is it the oil, is it a quest for kingdoms, is it sheer madness or CIA induced ? Perhaps these and a myriad of other reasons.
The question why I am here for me is clear as it was the day I decided to take the post; No child deserves this. What adults do is their own right. Yet no child should be put through this.
Back to Holland and the UK a beautiful pool of babies has been added to the planet. All I managed to see and those I missed out on are what makes this planet a beautiful place. A place of hope that perhaps we will get it right one day.
Fruits-fish and milk. Sleep and loiter that is what I needed and I shall need again in 3 months. Mayhap in the Netherlands, maybe India maybe Mombasa I shall see. The distance gave time to reflect. To look back on the positive things happening in the camp. The enormous difficulties that are faced by the refugee population but also to a lesser extent those that are trying to help. The workload will be so high that there is only one way for the team and that is to gel and kick ass so while a group of 29000 are moved, a camp is built, normal things like water, sanitation, health, education go on as normally.
To all of you thank you for your thoughts, support, meditation, prayer etcetera. I feel it gives me the strength to keep smiling and digging in hard.
I am happy to be back with my chickens and colleagues. There is some mischief to be done.
Namaskar, Ashis

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