Bahai beach

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bahai Beach 55

Bahai Beach 55

The system is getting tweaked.

March 26, 2007

After the bombardment an immense silence prevailed. Some obligatory barking by the Chadian Government and we all returned to business as usual. The wounded of the bombing are doing well.

My chicken are definitely delusional; after 40 days of breeding STILL no chickies running around the compound. I guess I will have to wake them from their self-induced delirium. Who is behind this plot to waste the precious time of my two hens? Are the roosters here up to the job? Is it impossible to breed in March? Who can enlighten me?

I have found a nice website which answers at least some of my questions. Google Brahma chicken in Holland and you will find some answers at least

So how about me; does 9 months of sand in your lead to permanent brain damage or can it lead to growth?

Well at least my goatee is really like a goat’s. Cannot be bothered anymore to shave and it makes me fit in with the crowd in the camp. As well in the local discotheques. Flashy lights, fierce Kalashnikovs fire, Stroboscopes, goatees and local beauties figure a plenty in this oasis. I cannot think of any village in the world with a better nightlife. Sheesha’s as evening treat, bright starlight, a puffing generator on the background. Time to reflect and plan for future world domination. Perhaps some more time in this heaven on earth perhaps not.

I like to work in programs not are not well settled yet or a bit chaotic. The day-to-day adjustment of what is possible forces you to be proactive and reactive at the same time. Will the next phase of the Oure Cassoni program be a bit too calm? On the other hand I feel a very strong commitment to our refugees

The program is getting stronger on a day-to-day basis and that is a good feeling. Our refugee staff is getting trainings twice a week in 4 different groups. The laboratory is slowly, slowly deploying. Surprise, surprise there may be a mirror microscope requiring no electricity so we can do blood films, urine and stool examination in the camp itself. This week a very sensitive topic: clinical management of victims of sexual violence will be discussed in three workshops. It has not been addressed enough in our program and I hope these session will kick start a broader discussion about women’s health.

And then there is a visit of our major donor and at the same time the medical coordinator of UNHCR will be shedding her light on the weaknesses and strengths of our program. Drug orders for the next six months are due as is the monthly report, health incentive staff, a one month hand over, hiring of three staff members and the day to day things.
Busy is good and my energy level is still high. Yet a break in India is something I am really looking forward to. Explore the motherland and loiter. Ponder some more about the when and where I will be in the second half of 2007.

This weekend our shower was fixed and a truckload of mangoes were sent. Bravo. Life is getting better. In the day the thermometer is starting to hit the 40’s again. I wonder how hot it gets here. At least the nights are always reasonably cool.

The dream of a sauna as we had in Ethiopia will not be achieved but you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you get what you need.

Hasta la pasta,


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