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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bahai Beach 20

Bahai Beach 20

Water shortage

November 5, 2006

The ugly truth has been revealed. There is not enough water in the new site. It was revealed on Voice of America several days ago so I guess it is in the public domain. In the camp in the mean time mobilization to move is still in full gear. However despite all security threats there is rarely anybody to be seen at the registration tables for the move. Some big fish in Geneva has put his/her wishy washy mind that Oure Cassoni will be moved as per November 10th.
Where to ? Unknown.
Informing refugees ? Who cares.
Involving refugees in the decision making process ? No time.
I guess when this place was set up 2 and a half years ago security was considered. People in the camp however will decide them selves if where and when they want to move. Services will be phased out in the camp. Yet for at least until the last convoy in let us say 2 or 3 months services have to be provided.
Maybe I wish not to understand real politic. Maybe decisions about refugees are beyond my level of comprehension. Yet the procedure being followed now to me dehumanizes the beneficiaries to passive parcels to be shifted to A o no to B o no to C. In medical school I was taught about informed consent. I guess in self created emergencies these rules do not apply to UNHCR. It requires a functional cerebrum only to see that accepting a refugee camp smack on the border with Sudan near a major water supply (the only one in a wide circumference) is asking for problems.
I hear that the refugees themselves have refused to budge when settling in 2004 and in several moments afterwards. Yet when the move is imminent the back up place to go has no water reserves enough to cater to our population even if they wanted to move. Where was the real contingency plan?
Chad is a not exactly water rich. One of the prime requirements for a human to live are access to water, food and safe shelter. I pray we find water quick.
I shall not go into ad hoc other solutions being talked about. These points are not official yet and await to be aired on Voice of America/ being told to the refugee community and their leaders.
Tuesday the next Leader meeting is planned. I shall be present and know it will be a hot hot meeting as we say here. The message of the lack of water will be revealed and also the alternative plan.
On a lighter note the hospital situation is calm. Fractures take time to heal. All patients are stable. My concerns now are that we have no place to admit the usual number of local community and refugees in the hospital. The medical team is near complete and we are hiring extra temporary staff to cover the needs of the hospital.
Mimi is turning to be a menace to the local mice/gerbils and is doing well. Yesterday another party (read visiting at 1600 and leaving at 1800 due to strict curfew). I managed to move one leg on the dance floor for at least 10 minutes.
In attempt to enlarge our collection of Bahai Zoo we have purchased two white goat. I am hoping to convince the cook not to slaughter as they may be the hard core of a future herd of goats. We will find a local boy and he may take care. This afternoon however goat rib barbeque most likely will be on the menu.
The airing of the document on 60 minutes Searching for Yacub has opened my eyes about the true power of the media. There have been reactions a plenty. And because of internet I can access many of them. The discussion on the intervention of UN troops in the Darfurian conflict is taking an interesting turn and I do hope that the African Union together with the EU, US and UN can muster an appropriate peace keeping for. Else it is free for all and judging about the incidents in Central African Republic, Sudan and Chad this may well become a regional nightmare. In the media (New York Times) one can read how Chadian Arabs are copycatting the terror of Sudan but also that the Arab community is suffering from attacks from the Black Africans. I do not want to oversimplify a very complex conflict but I know that if no intervention is taking place anytime soon Endlosung, fight till the last man standing will take place. While the local, regional and world community has not been able/willing to intervene. I just can not understand why a minute (comparative) conflict in Lebanon troops are made available in a hush and a puff and here nearly three years of impotent talks show the perhaps true interest to our Muslim Black/Arab fellow beings.
Well I just would like the public opinion to sway into the Human Duty. Protect the vulnerable. Open eyes and ears. Learn to care about what is happening in the world.
Big words- perhaps, but history will judge us harshly for being passive and non caring.



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