Bahai beach

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bahai Beach 57

Bahai Beach 57

Snakes, camels and spiders

March 31st, 2007

Take a ride on the magic carpet. Hop along, sing a song. Smoke a sheesha. Share nonsensical stories and emotions of the day. All visitors leave with a smile. The leisure dome is also by connection to the sand and elements. The elements are in the form of wind and sun, but also snakes and spiders. Several days ago a huge serpent slithered passed my mat. Dangerous or not was the main question in my mind. According to Alphan the education Meister it was, Dr Ponce said it was too small (20 centimeters) to do any damage at all. But before any of us could cage the reptile it was chopped in two by the guards and eaten by one of the Mimi’s. Yes indeed the little kittens have become big cats, climbing our trees, dashing out of the compound and coming back hours later and now utilized as a serpent protection force. Yet the chickens still in their mind are still mysterious creatures. They are not sure how to handle the feathery creatures. My chooks in the mean time are officially labeled not sane. I called in a veterinarian to study their breeding behavior and indeed there seems to be a casual link between their owner and themselves. We are going into family therapy starting April 2, 2007.

I am looking forward as it may solve the riddle of the eggs and lead to swift production of the well-needed eggs. We have fallen slightly behind the targets for control of the egg market in Bahai. In the mean time Sunday I have arranged a tour to Oure Cassoni by camel. It has been a while and there is a need to explore alternative transportation methods. Of late there are petrol ruptures in Bahai and several NGO’s are looking in to the possibility of using camels as transportation means. After all they are sturdy and steady animals, require freely available food and water. The camels come in shades qualities. It requires a trained eye to spot out the bargain and when you are being taken for a ride.

Saturday it was the day of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed. This is a festive day for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Due to some miscommunications several of our staff got a well-deserved long weekend. Bare in mind that Friday and Saturday are working days albeit half days.

So on Saturday I went with an action plan to sir some pots. Using big ladles and with the help of the traditional birth attendants food is mixed and prepared. All hyped to work on my triceps I was mildly disappointed when we arrived late in the camp. The reason was bemusing; the gendarmes in fine frenzy left Bahai without petrol in their vehicles. After 5 minutes they realized and we had to return for another car. I missed out on my physical exercise but the good news is we will catch up later this week.

More good news, after lengthy deliberations it has been decided we will build a near Olympic size swimming pool (6 by 3 meters) and a diving board. The water we will smartly harvest by catchment of rainwater, storage in under water cisterns and to reduce evaporation we shall build an overhead shelter. Soon we will be twisting by the pool drinking pina colada and risking third degree burn wounds. Our new piscine will be the heart of social life in Bahai and there are plans to add an out side bar with state of the art sound system. Lounging in the afternoon, deep house at night and in the early morning low fi. We hope the theme park in our compound will be a major success and that the peeps will be queuing up to join the Bahai Party Squad. The motto: ‘Here to serve humanity while having a good time’



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