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Friday, November 17, 2006

Bahai Beach 23

Bahai Beach 23

November 15

The soap continues….

Well and then there was a meeting and then another and slowly solidarity seems to be become more and more verbal but when it reaches concrete action the masterly crafty decision makers would like to go back to business as usual. At least within the IRC position about security is holding steady. Big fish are coming in today so decisions may be made today about where to go from here. Three boy scouts holding sling shots are not really a match to the heavily armed local dacoits, freedom fighters, army, loose elements, opportunists etcetera. Tis quiet and the powers that be are jumping off the camel hitting the dunes.
Highlight of the last meeting was a security officer who had the pertinence to ask what was the fundamental reason that our IRC staff does not want to work in these conditions anymore. His solution was to send a letter to the local authorities to highlight the present situation. This clown has been sent back after 2 days n Bahai Paradise.
More clowns are being flown in. Take a quick tour of the situation write up a bogus report about what is happening and how to proceed as nothing has happened. Wellcome to the real world Ashis. I sometimes wish I could tell you more about the absurdistic clownery going on here but we have partners and need to keep working with them despite all outrageous decisions taken.
On the move of the camp a little quiz
1. Camp moving where, when…really dude?
2. Neva
3. All ready in full swing
4. Postponed until the powers that be find a water rich environment

Answers next letter

Prize an all inclusive stay at Bahai Beach Paradise, flight too be self arranged.

Sancho Pancho and I are laughing about the tragicomedy of being in this situation. Wishing for better days to happen. And the battle for power rages on. The rebels/liberation front have announced their list of candidates for a Government including no people form the most populous part of the country the South. The civil war is being fueled by Sudan.
O yes we can hit lower and lower grounds yet.
Solidarity can be used as newspeak as well. Orwellian. We have a solidarity with you and with our wounded brother. If push comes to shove however we have a duty to go back to work. Security is an issue we can trample on with some 16 year old scouts coming over to save us. The beginning and focus of our escape plan. Let us shove our heads in the sand and pretend the houboub will blow all our troubles away.
Enough about this tragicomedy time for essential stuff.
I am preparing an evacuation plan for my chicken. They have given me reason to believe that they are no longer comfortable in Bahai. Either the singing in the morning is traumatizing them either the cold and violent climate will eventually lead to a displacement to a new site. I have got to make sure there is water in the new site though. Get some informed consent going. Sadly no eggs I guess our honeymoon is over.
Missing the kids in the camp. Due to current conditions we have not been to the camp since Saturday. We will see what happens. Sooner or later the camel trail must open up again.

Just a thought while inferno is breaking loose in Chad and the UN is squibling about sending troops in fancy resorts in Addis Abeba. Postponing because both countries need be involved in the decision making process. Chad has expressed its will to survival to accept a mix of African AMIS troops with UN troops. Can we for once bypass the dictatorship in Sudan. In my eyes enough shit is coming down to justify an appropriate response. Albeit late, better late than never. Central African Republic, Chad and Sudan are all suffering from destabilization. Truly the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are on all sides. Let us please intervene.



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