Bahai beach

Friday, November 24, 2006

Bahai Beach 25

Bahai Beach

Thanksgiving day

23 November 2006

Francois our cook has made a feast meal; chicken in three styles ( tandoori-grilled and Chadian ) , potatoes smashed as well as roasted, salad, our famous red sauce and cake. He did an excellent job. Our dining hall was decorated with flashing Chinese red lights and a dj was spinning records. We also had a special guest; KC Herrman who is shooting a documentary about the relocalisation in the camp. I am preparing for a big clash with Gang (incoming field coordinator) . He loves chicken and I had informed him that the massive chicken we were eating could not be saved for him. Being a former middle weight boxing champ in Congo a bout is scheduled. Surprise surprise when I buy him a chicken Saturday and cook it for him as well.
There was another great piece of news as both air carriers gave as suspension form flights as we have to many non shows. I am sure this shall be solved though.
What will be harder to be solved is the increasing rift between the powers that be and the refugees represented by their leaders. On Wednesday the leaders were rushed to Bahai from the camp to meet a big big fish, however when push came to shove this hero had spent is time drinking tea with the local authorities leaving the camp leaders wait for 2 hours and then not speaking at all. O I forgot 2 representatives were invited in the rie to the airport.
It is hard enough to sell the relocalisation of the camp to the refugee community but the way the powers that be trample is sheer absurdism. Non dialogue as a way forward. Well our refugees are wise enough to resist. In the meantime our security is being guarded by the new playmobile police officers (coined by Dominique) as they were funky green helmets and red coats so they are good target practice. And they need to share 4 guns between the 12 of them. And then there are the flashy turbans in all colorzx of the rainbow but for camouflage. I do not know what these boys have learnt on their Police Academy but perhaps it is similar to the like named series of increasingly mediocre films starring Hightowers et all.
More good news; I shall be let out of the cage after our Health Coordinator comes back to Bahai around the 7th of December. NDjamena beware, mad boy on the loose. Our IRC demands have still not all been met but we are making progress. Yet the overall situation in Chad is bleak so it would not surprise me if we remain in minimal essential surfaces for some time to come.
My staff in the mean time is adorable. Adam has requested for 36 sunglasses as the sun is very harsh to the eyes. But actually I was not asked to supply no the sunglasses were already distributed if I could just pick up the tab. Bye the way they are darn flashy looking Raybaans from China. All most asked one for myself.
The camp is seeing more and more snotty noses. Believe it or not it is cold in the desert. Not only am I disallowed from sleeping outside it forms a good excuse for me to stay inside and not be frozen at night. Concerns are several neonatal deaths over the last month or two. Some how our follow up of high risk births is not ideal. When going into the camp and talking with the parents who just lost a baby (or actually their last 4) a solution must be found as well as a reason why this couple loses babies all the time: Sero- incompatability, cervix insufficience. And we are planning a vaccination campaign against measles next week a mass campaign so all children of eligible age are covered. I do not think I have touched on the sad news coming from the South. Fighting is intensifying and one humantarian aid worker from MSF has been killed, 5 are still missing. Very sad news indeed. It remains to be seen when interventions take place but it is clear that sooner or later similar to Darfur projects will be withdrawn due to the security risks. Leaving the refugees to fend for themselves. An undesired but possible outcome of political impotence.

The cat tips were well received thank you, And also all thank you for the reactions to the radio interview on www.theworld,org on the 20th of November with Lisa Mullins on PBR/BBC. Let us spread the message that this conflict deserves attention and a framework to come to a solution

The chicken all went through a health check up this morning after I spent half the morning chasing them to confirm their excellent health. It was a nice excercise and probably looked silly but I enjoyed chasing my chicklets. The grown up chickens are too fast for me anyways



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