Bahai beach

Friday, December 15, 2006

Bahai Beach 30

Bahai Beach 30

Return to sender. Address unknown

December 15, 2006.

MSF requested for their Plaster of Paris. We received them when there were soldiers a plenty in our hospital with fractures. But given the situation in Abeche MSF wanted them back. It took a while to locate them in our pharmacy but they were eventually found and put on a plane to Abeche. Surprise, surprise as they were returned the next day by plane! A smart cookie had seen the label IRC Bahai on them and decided it was best to return them.

Sometimes people are like boxes of POP as well. Should I stay or should I go. Do I have anything to say in the matter? Christmas is nearing but it does not feel like it all. What is noticeable is that many of our staff will be spending the festive season with their near and dear. It is good. Take the mind of the work.

My feathered friends – the male ones – my beautiful roosters have ended up in the soup. One of the guards was not aware that I had purchased two fine specimens.

What to do?

I must say that they are a very resistant bunch. We gone through heat spells, flush floods and one of these days I sure a snowstorm may hit us as well. Yet they keep on going. I can recommend to all have a troop of chooks. It makes you smile. And they are great to chase around the compound if you have nothing better to do.

It is time for some medical stories from the camp.

1. An eighteen-year-old young man was claimed to have been throwing bullets in the fire. The consequences; a bullet blasted through his hand and broke three metacarpals, some small bones and tore through muscle and several ligaments. Together with Mohammed Dria we did some reconstruction and put his hand back together.

2. We have taken under our wings the care for 2 of the psychiatric patients in the camp. One had to be tied down for several weeks as she had a reactive psychosis. She had lost her husband and young child over the last months and those horrible events made her breakdown. At least medication can be supplied and she no longer needs to be tied down.

3. Another lady hears voices---telling her that she will be killed. This causes her to be running away from all men and not sleeping at night. Her family does the best possible to take care of her but here also we hope medication will help. I managed to speak with her. Even shake her hand, but the moment I wanted to put my hand on her shoulder like a frightened deer she withdrew. It was such an intense moment. I cannot imagine how it must feel to be living in extreme fear all day.
4. Another traffic accident three days ago. One death. Four injured. You just cannot believe how people manage to crash into each other when there are so few cars and no roads but when you see how loaded the trucks are and at what speed they race it is clear that it is more a miracle we have so few deaths.

We had our deputy director visit the program. The refugee staff and Ben my assistant public health manager did a stellar tour. All questions could be answered. They made a very professional impression on Kurt. I was so happy! This is why I am doing this work. Osman, Adam, Zahara, Beshir, Yaya and all 73 others a million blessings
With humor they explained the constraints, problems and solutions found. More important they talked about the daily work in the Oure Cassoni camp. The pleasure they have in their work. Their commitment to serve their community. The feeling they give me is that with ease they can maintain the health services in the camp.

Mission accomplished?

Now to add to the basics;

1. A functional laboratory.
2. Introduction of regular follow up of the under 1 year olds
3. Improvement of the drug management system
4. Improvement of use of protocols
5. Further training to raise the quality of preventive, curative and reproductive services in the camp


Ashis Brahma

p.s. I have been doing tours of the houses of my staff to find out yesterday that one of my nurses (male) has 19 children. Very impressive!
I am setting out to find the record holder in the camp. So far he and Umda are tied in the number one position.

One man came up to me a few days ago. His wife refuses to sleep with him. She wants to go to university. Hence she has been grey carded. (Next card red card) What will happen? Where will this story lead?
Zaghawa women are very strong willed/ I am sure he will end up side lined.

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