Bahai beach

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bahai Beach 32

Bahai Beach 32

December 21, 2006

Donkeys like sunbathing!

Nguebe was looking tired. Paying 150 environmental refugee staff is not the most exciting of tasks. On the way back from the health center I saw a dead donkey. This was a good opportunity to mobilize our environmental health man. Our driver and he drove over to check out the scene/. As Abubaker and he pulled out the rope to take the carcass to the outskirts of the camp the donkey shook his tail feather and clearly stated he was sun bathing---clearly not dead----

Is it time I go to an ophthalmologist?
Is the sun in Oure Cassoni too bright?
Are donkeys good con artists?
I do not know…

Our mass measles vaccination was a huge hit. More than 3200 children in class I and II were vaccinated in two days. Three schools were the hub of activity. With the help of Sylvie, Ben, Martin (Polish visitor) and the refugees we managed well. Sometimes cultures do clash however. Whips are still in use and it is a sore sight to see 6 year olds being hit on the head as well. One boy stole some crayons and the punishment was instant 5 whip strokes. This is hard to accept. Another culture? What to say when it was my own staff member supervising the whipping? I will talk with him when I am back in the camp.

The birth registration turned out less well. Ben the assistant public health manager managed to write 32 names in the registration book. About 120 were expected to come. But babies were being taken twice past the table to ensure double ration cards. And when two witnesses were requested besides father and mother our refugees insisted that one could be a father and a witness at the same time. Also it takes a member of CNAR (Chadian protection for refugees) about 30 minutes per form. Ben could occupy 4 of the CNAR agents. A sore sight for eyes.

In Abeche we ate at a restaurant run by Fafa. Fafa is a Chadian beauty of about 150 kilo. She was hitting hard on our Sospeter (logistician) leaning heavenly/heavily with her chest on his frame. When he finally got scared of the manhandling she lost her balance and crashed backwards in the trench running through the restaurant. It must be said she is an amazing cook and a grand personality. The brochettes were succulent.

The chickens have been left behind under close supervision of Francois the cook. He is understanding of their trauma and I am sure he will sing songs for them while I am off to scoot around Africa. Kenya is destination for diving and safari. I am sure it will be a great holiday. I can use some fruit, rest and dancing.

But how could I forget the news of the last days. There were two assassins in Bahai jail. Guess what?

One night the officer of gendarme ordered the jailers to take their dinner outside of the jail. When they returned 1 hour later there was a hole in the wall and 4 prisoners were out. Somehow while they were shackled they managed to use a huge knife to dig this hole and squeeze out of jail. Then they managed to roll across to the Sudanese border where according to the prefect it was naturally not possible to pursue then anymore. Zaghawa tribal law dictates that your brother will go to jail when you escape but in this case it was nicely forgotten that they are relatives of the prefect himself. One wonders; should we be grateful that they were in jail for 5 weeks period?
Here follows the reaction of some people in Bahai; ” Why were they in jail in first place. Nobody got killed?”

Mohammed Goni came to pick me up in the airport of N’djamena. He looks good. Lost some weight but he is gaining again. And his sunshine smile is back. He will be joining the work in the capital in 2 months.

Two kids in Abeche, one boy with a bladder stone and one with a splinter of wood in her eye were returned to Bahai today as well. Things are moving forward.

As all expatriate health staff is out of station and only two national health staff remain for hospital and camp it is a big test for our refugee staff. I have full confidence they will do well!
Empowered they are and we should acknowledge it.

I am quite sure to write before Christmas again,

So for now

Bravo Golf Juliet 3.9 out

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