Bahai beach

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bahai Beach 58

Bahai Beach 58

Mr. Mathias’ departure

April 1, 2007

Take a ride on the magic carpet. Hop along, sing a song. Smoke a sheesha. Share nonsensical stories and emotions of the day. All visitors leave with a smile.

Beam me up Scottie,

I clearly was referring to my mat yesterday an intriguing zone where reality and fiction get tangled. For today more sense; after all yesterday was March 31st Fool. It is not a coincidence that in Chad on March 31st one is taken for a ride by each and every one.

Cuckoo, cuckoo.

The weekly rest and recreation at the UNHCR is in full progress (sauna and spa facilities supplied by Jerome and Audrey) and it gives an escape from ‘Work, work, work’ to quote the little civilians in Warcraft.

Today however given my lengthy break I need to prepare a handover for next month for the national staff, give a little (mis)-guidance. Something to look forward is the party to celebrate Mr. Mathias’ near one and a half year stay here. Although he is moving on to greener pastures it has been a great pleasure to have worked with him. Always a smile, happy-go-easy, great knowledge of his work and of the project, the refugees, great drinker and the best dancer of Bahai by miles. I wish him a great next assignment with numachoma in mountains, Primus or Castle in barrels, environmental challenges to work on and a place nearer to his family. The unforgettable moment with him was surely when after an extended drought rains finally hit Bahai. My o my the pressure must have been dragging you down, but the joy in your eyes and the 2 hour rain-dance justified your massive headache the next morning.

So this afternoon/evening I am putting on my dancing cap (paraphrasing Alphan’s thinking camp) and shake the good old tail-feathers.

Never all is roses and sunshine. In the camp one of our staff members has been assaulted with a stick. Also some of our national staff members have difficulty sleeping. It is a mixture of workload, stress, insecurity, isolation from family and friends, lack of quality of life. They need to be praised for doing the difficult work they are doing. It is not an easy job. This afternoon I am sure we can all forget for some hours and give Mr. Mathias a great farewell.



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